Ethnographical approaches in urbanism

This section aims at exploring ethnographical approaches to the city and neighbourhoods. Ethnography is based on a qualitative approach to urban survey that implies direct involvement of the student/researcher in a research field in a specific place. This approach involves actions such as observing people living in a place, getting involved in their lives and activities, gaining the trust of a local community, trying to understand ways of living, problems and opportunities of specific neighbourhoods, developing new intellectual skills related to the complexities and opportunities of urban life (Madden, 2010; Cefaï, 2013). Specific attention will be given to how ethnography might be helpful in fostering a critical understanding of the cities with explicit focus to planning and policy outcomes. Different means and “tacticts” to develop ethnographical approaches as well as to represent their outcomes will be explored, including filmmaking, photography, developing multimedia and interactive platforms.

Paola Briata, Polytechnic of Milan
Wednesday Wednesday Mar 16th 2016, 2.30am-5.30pm, Room 7M, Palazzo di San Clemente, Via Micheli 2