Regulating and Designing Urban Space for Pluralism: the Case of Mosques in Italy

Chiodello Regulating Urban Space

Religious diversity has significant consequences on the urban environment, starting with the new spaces that it entails and new forms of expression in public. These spaces and forms of expression engender complex problems of regulation, including specific questions related to urban planning. In this lecture, I will chiefly consider the current situation in Italy. My focus will be on the region of Lombardy, in northern Italy, and in particular on the newly introduced regulations governing the construction and location of places of worship and religious facilities. What concerns me is not so much the current legislation of the Lombard authorities per se, as the example that the region’s policies provide for a critical rethinking of certain fundamental issues currently affecting many Western countries and cities. In this perspective (and in order to recognize and foster pluralism), I suggest a radical reform of local land-use practices and procedures.

Francesco Chiodelli, Gran Sasso Science Institute
Wednesday Apr 13th 2016, 2.30-5.30pm, Room 7M, Palazzo di San Clemente, Via Micheli 2