Identity, History, and the Production of Urban Space

Giovannoni Identity
Narratives about community, history, and identity are powerful forces which are often used to create the preconditions for the production of urban space. However, both the concept of community and that of identity are two problematic categories which can easily be misappropriated for questionable political and social goals. The urban rescripting of space in fascist era Tuscan towns studied by Prof. Lasansky is a great example of such misappropriation.
This section of the seminar will provide a theoretical framework aimed at reconsidering the concepts of community and identity through the review of some major theoretical contributions on the topic. The case of Barcelona will be then discussed, where urban design was connected in the last 150 years to the assertion of a Catalan national identity. This happened in complex ways which should prevent us from drawing overly generalized conclusions on the relationship between history, identity, and urban design.

Giulio Giovannoni, University of Florence
Wednesday May 4th 2016, 2.30am-5.30pm, Aula Pietre, Palazzo di San Clemente, Via Micheli 2