The urban rescripting of space in Fascist Era Tuscan Towns

Over the course of the twenty-two years of PNF rule there was a symbiotic relationship between urban space and Fascist politics. Of particular interest is the way in which urban landscape was used to stage history for the purpose of establishing the parameters of modern Fascist culture. Urban renewal projects were employed to make explicit the associations between past and present rule. Medieval town halls were restored and converted for government use. Piazzas in Arezzo, Florence, and Siena became sites for redesigned civic festivals. In each case displaying the past provided the means to legitimize Mussolini’s claims on the present. (The lecture will be preceded by the presentation of Medina Lasansky’s book ‘Renaissance Perfected’ by Richard Ingersoll, and by a discussion of the book with Giacomo Pirazzoli and Francesco Collotti.)

Medina Lasansky, Cornell University
Wednesday March 11th – 2.30-5.30 pm, Nardini Bookstore, Le Murate Complex