Urban Space as a Contested Space: Struggles for Identity in the Florence Area

Giovannoni Contested Spaces
Urban space is often the terrain of encounter-clash between competing users of public spaces. Competition and conflict may depend on differences in age, social status, race, culture, sexuality, among others. Mostly the categories of ‘renewal’ and ‘decay’ are used according to the interests of particular groups. Inevitably urban design is in the benefit of certain groups and to the detriment of others. However the fight is generally masked by the rhetoric/ideology of decay and renewal. This section of the seminar will question, through a wide range of historical and contemporary examples, the very foundations of urban design. A specific case study on competition for public spaces in the Florence area will be presented.

Giulio Giovannoni, University of Florence
Wednesday June 1st 2016, 2.30am-5.30pm, Aula Pietre, Palazzo di San Clemente, Via Micheli 2