conference registration and payment

Participants included in the program of the “New Urban Identities” conference can pay the conference registration fee by credit card. Please register and make payment below as soon as possible and no later than Thursday 31 May. Those who have not registered by this date will not be included in the conference programme. The conference fee is 120 euros; a somewhat reduced fee is available for graduate students. There will also be a conference dinner on the evening of Tuesday, 19 June (restaurant “La Cucineria” – Via della Mattonaia 19R, just in front of the conference hall), which will cost 35 Euros and will alternatively include a fish menu, a meat menu, or a vegetarian menu.
Colleagues not included in the program but who are interested in attending the conference should first contact the organizers ( to have confirmation of availability. Due to the limited capacity of the conference hall only a small number of external participants will be accepted.

   € 120,00 Regular Fee

   € 155,00 Regular Fee + conference dinner

   € 90,00 Phd Students’ Fee

   € 125,00 Phd Students’ Fee + Conference Dinner