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wealth management solutions are one of the main branches of financial services which are dealing with the investment needs of prosperous clients. There are specialized particular advisory services catering to the investment management needs of rich prosperous clients. Family office association offers front-to-back wealth and asset management solutions which can support the needs of settled prosperous clients, advisors and then the home office. Their best integrated financial advices and the amazing technology which can makes it easier than ever for the advisors to collaborate with the well prosperous clients on the retirement and goals-based planning’s, first create investment proposals, and open new accounts, and then deliver the financial advice to across the multiple  prosperous clients and households. Choose from automated solutions for the portfolio construction, and the trade execution and rebalancing, portfolio accounting, performance calculation and then the reporting, delivered in technology platform, to address their own business priorities.

For more than years, family office management has served the technology needs of the wealth management industry, helping prosperous clients maximize efficiency and solve business challenges. By connecting, facilitating the best collaboration between the family offices, governments and professional parties and then the other relevant industry bodies in Hong Kong and overseas, they aim to strengthen the Hong Kong as the region’s for family office hub, attracting people and the retaining investment and talent filled opportunities for the industry people. Their ultimate vision is to be the best voice of the family office industry in asset management hong kong. Facilitating the best communication and collaboration between the members, governments, and other professional parties in Hong Kong and the overseas Be a consultative body representing by to buy-side family offices and relevant industry best players in Hong Kong and overseas is to Promote the interests of buy-side family offices in Hong Kong and the Uphold the profession’s like highest industry standards Provides the best professional training and best all time practice guidance to the family offices and relevant industry bodies into the field.